Samto 3D Pen Ver. 2015

The new 3D pens have revolutionized the concept of creativity and have helped the artists to enhance their skills more effectively.  3D Pens are becoming hot favorite artwork tool of people around the globe. Assortment of companies launches 3D pens every now and then in market.  One such popular 3D pen that is gaining a lot of momentum recently is Samto 3D Pen Ver. 2015. This user-friendly pen is handy and useful for both seasoned professionals to novice artists. Anyone who wants to flaunt their creativity can make best use of the 3D pen. The second version of Samto 3D Pen is definitely better than the first as the features are upgraded for more customer satisfaction.

Right from easy task like writing to complicated task like creating or repairing seam line in models, all can be done smoothly using Samto 3D Pen.

Features and specifications of Samto 3D Pen Ver. 2015:

  • The pen is ultra light and weighs only 65g which is perfect for drawing
  • The power input of Samto 3D Pen is 12V 3A and comes with adjustable heating temperature of 160-230 degrees
  • The nozzle diameter of the pen is 0.4-0.7mm which gives a sleek look to the pen
  • The 2015 version of this 3D pen is integrated with unclogging mechanism technology which restricts jammimg and results in easy maintenance
  • One of the exceptional feature of the this upgraded pen is smooth speed change feature
  • For smart display, the pen has an LCD screen
  • The pen currently is available in 4 colours – yellow, purple, pink and light blue
  • The auto standby mode that switches off the pen in 5 minutes when not in use, is also an intelligent feature added to the upgraded version

According to a popular survey the pen is rated 3.8 stars out of 5 which is a good rating. Most of the customers around the world find this pen really handy and pocket-friendly.

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