IDo3D Pen

If you are fascinated with the concept of 3D art and are enthusiastic for trying your hands on this form of art, then definitely go for the latest 3D pens.  Check out IDo3D pen to kick off with your next creative project. Unlike other 3D pens available in market, the pen doesn’t heat for discharging the ink which. This makes the pen absolutely safe for kids to use. Just squeeze the pen and create the shapes as per your choice.  The pen is really different than other 3D pens as it uses the shining UV light to dry and solidify the ink.

IDo3D Pen Features and Specifications:

  • One of the best features of IDo3D Pen is that it doesn’t contain any hot parts. For drawing purpose it discharges ink instead of plastic
  • Kids can safely use the pen as it does not have any power cords
  • The nozzle diameter of the pen is around 0.002ft/0.7 mm
  • The pen is compatible with PLA/ABS
  • The pen has a free temperature button
  • Just drawing with one colour will make your drawing look dull, hence the company offers variety of colours like red, yellow, green etc.
  • IDo3D Pen comes with stencils, drawing pad and pen tips
  • The pen is pocket-friendly and easy to use

Some users are a bit disappointed with this pen as they felt the ink is very sticky and takes quite a long time to dry. But the users are also satisfied with its exceptional outcome. There is no limit for creativity; whatever you imagine can be turned into beautiful 3D art piece.

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