GENESIS 3D Printing Pen

Lasso Labs have come up with an innovative creative product – GENESIS 3D Printing Pen, an uncomplicated, simple and smooth 3D drawing tool.  Revolutionizing few fabrication processes, this latest technology pen helps to create shapes and designs more effectively and easily than the traditional means.  This small product has the ability to create perfect designs with accuracy. It is durable and reliable too.  Whether you want to follow your hobby or design at professional level, GENESIS 3D Printing Pen has the capability of designing and everything (depending on your creativity). The modern design 3D printing pen comes with Feed button that’s the all new flow function that will enhance your drawing experience.

This portable pen has turn out to be a biggest seller in recent times, it has become a popular choice because of its exceptional and favorable features.

GENESIS 3D Printing Pen Features and Specifications:

  • GENESIS 3D Printing Pen is kid friendly and extremely light in weight of 1.1 pound weight
  • The pen has smart LCD screen to easily check the temperature as well as the action
  • There is also an LCD signal for intelligent monitoring
  • For easy control while drawing, there is a convenient speed control button
  • The upgraded pen comes with airflow design in order to cool down the material efficiently
  • GENESIS 3D Printing Pen comes with 5 ABS plastic colour filaments
  • One of the notable feature of this pen is its simple functionality and easy control over use of plastic and colour
  • GENESIS 3D Printing Pen set comes with Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty, what else you need?

Consumers have complete positive reviews about this pen.  No matter for hobby purpose or for professional use, GENESIS 3D Printing Pen is highly-recommendable. You are assured with high-class quality and performance.

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