CreoPop 3D Pen

It’s cool! It’s awesome! It’s different! Yes, CreoPop 3D Pen is the best pen to shape your creativity.  To enhance your drawing skill this 3D pen can play a very vital role.  3D level drawing is simply possible at your home itself without any complicated technological gadgets.  Just a simple pen will create a 3 dimensional magic.   CreoPop 3D Pen is the first 3D pen that is said to be designed with cool ink that is why it is stated to be different. Unlike other 3D pens which have hot parts for creating 3D shapes, CreoPop comes with fascinating cold technology which eliminates the unpleasant melting plastic smell. This ‘no heating’ feature of CreoPop 3D Pen makes it extremely safety for kids.

CreoPop 3D Pen Specifications and Features:

  • Since this 3D pen comes with cool ink, for 3D drawing, the light-sensitive pen uses UV light
  • Another unique feature of the pen is it is battery operated, it is cordless. It can be charged with USB cable connected to computer or any power adapter
  • The pen is currently available in only one colour
  • CreoPop 3D Pen comes in assortment of inks like regular ink, temperature sensitive ink, glow in the dark ink, body paints ink, magnetic ink, aromatic ink and elastic ink
  • Each of the ink cartridge has maximum capacity of around 45 ft i.e. 14 cm
  • The pen has built in LCD display that will help you to focus on creating designs

The world’s first 3D pen with cool ink definitely has some uniqueness which is why it becoming extensively popular. Unleash your creative skills and let your imagination get a 3D effect with the amazing CreoPop 3D Pen.  It is safe, it is awesome and it is certainly worth experiencing.

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