Crenova 3D Printing Pen

For right artwork, right tool is very crucial and to enhance creativity, many hi-tech art tools are being currently launched in market. One such innovative device which is gaining a lot of momentum these days is Crenova 3D Printing Pen.  Just press the button and create 3D drawings and shapes at ease. It’s a great learning tool for kids who are interested in 3D art.  Due to its light-weight and maximum performance, sources claim that Crenova 3D Pen is one of the best 3D pens present in the market.

The latest technology 3D printing pen is not only easy to use but is super-energy saving too due to its intelligent standby feature.

Crenova 3D Printing Pen Specifications:

  • The nozzle diameter of this pen is 0.002ft/0.7 mm
  • The pen is extremely light in weight, weighing around 29OZ/65g
  • Crenova pen is integrated with smart 1 LED display screen that helps you to choose your preferable filament type
  • The heating temperature of the pen can be easily adjusted through a button. The temperature ranges – ABS:210℃-235℃
  • The output speed of the pen is also adjustable
  • Crenova 3D pen currently is available in 4 colours – pink, yellow, purple and blue
  • This 3D pen is compatible with PLA /ABS 1.75mm/0.005ft material
  • Crenova 3D Printing Pen comes with one power adapter, free filaments and user manual

It’s perfect accuracy and sheer performance has satisfied a lot of customers around the globe. Hence according to the positive reviews, we can definitely say, Crenova 3D Printing Pen it is worth trying.

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